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62 Commerce

The 75 year old building at 62 Commerce was vacant and in a state of disrepair when partners, Dave Sobota and Dirk Buttke first toured it. The pair had been searching for a site that would accommodate both of their businesses and, after some analysis, determined this building had potential.

In 1997, they purchased 62 Commerce and began its restoration.

The two-story 13,000 square-foot building had most recently been home to an automotive repair shop and it would take some work to convert it into four professional office suites. There was an existing gasoline storage tank buried beneath the concrete floor that needed to be removed. The interior brick walls, wood trusses and steel supporting beams were sandblasted and cleaned. All new mechanical systems were installed. Drywall and insulation was installed and painted. The existing front garage door was replaced by storefront windows—reusing and re-glazing existing windows where possible. A portion of the floor was cut away on the second level to expand the entrance/lobby area. An elevator was installed to bring the building up to ADA standards. They completed the work and moved in November 1997.

The entire renovation cost was approximately $600,000; not including the cost of the building.

The building is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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