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Great Lakes Chemical

Great Lakes Chemical Corporation’s new world headquarters, located on the edge of West Lafayette, Indiana, combines innovative design with practical function while blending aesthetically with its semi-rural setting.

The form of the building changes with perspective. From one angle, the building’s triangular sides converge like the prow of a ship, symbolizing the corporation’s move into the future. From the side, the building appears as a deceptively slender wedge. From the highway, the structure presents the passing public with the solid, enduring form of the classic pyramid.

This image is further enhanced from the reflection in the four-acre retention pond at the front of the building. The pond serves a dual purpose: adding beauty to the setting and as a water source for fire protection emergencies. The entire site is surrounded by fields of indigenous wildflowers. Inside, the recessed entrance leads into a sweeping, three-story, sky-lit atrium/lobby featuring polished granite floors. The CEO’s office, on the third floor, sits at the apex of the building’s converging triangles, providing a commanding 270-degree view of the surroundings.

The Great Lakes Chemical Corporate World Headquarters was the recipient of the AIA Grand Valley 1994 Distinguished Building Award.

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