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Verne Barry Place

The first phase of this project includes the construction of a new 55,950 square foot building in accordance with LEED requirements. It will feature two floors of covered parking utilizing pre-cast concrete construction with a total of 44 parking spaces as well as bicycle parking. Facing Division Avenue, the lower two floors will include two artist live/work lofted retail spaces. Above the parking area will be 72 units of single-room occupancy apartment units.

Enhancements for this building include a five-story atrium connector space with lobby and community room, elevators, and stairwell. Also, located on the third floor will be an outdoor courtyard with resident rooms facing said courtyard to enhance the resident’s quality of life and provide improved daylight opportunities.

The second phase of the Verne Barry Place will include the renovation and exterior restoration of four buildings currently known as the Dwelling Place Inn. The interior atria with closed-off skylights will be restored. The existing 86 rooms will be refurbished to become 43 enlarged single-room occupancy apartment units. The exterior street facades will also be repaired and restored as required. Retail spaces on Division Avenue and Weston Street will be prepared for commercial tenants. The existing Heartside Ministry-Chapel and the existing brick murals on the wall will be preserved.

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